KillerWATT Standard 5A

KillerWATT Std 5A

KillerWATT Programmable Energy Saver

Bravo Solutions is proud to introduce the latest of it’s product portfolio, the “Programmable Energy Saver” named as KillerWATT Std. This innovative new product opens a new horizon in energy saving in home and industrial appliances. Everything you need to save power at home/shop is built into one single and compact unit. The user can easily program the amount of saving into the device and easily control the electricity bill.

KillerWATT Std 5A operates from 230V 50Hz AC (130V – 270V supported). It can handle a load of 1000W.

The built in Surge protector circuitry protects your appliances from unwanted power line surge voltages. This feature is typically important for residents of industrial areas.

The built in Power Sensor circuitry monitors the power consumption of the connected device continuously and determines the Optimal Power Point for doing the Switching. Simple timers does not have this feature and can damage the connected appliance during switching.


  • Installation is simple. Detailed operating instructions in Sinhala and English. Timing and all adjustments using 2 buttons.
  • Our Own Patented Technology.
  • Designed by qualified Sri Lankan Engineers. One year Warranty and superior after sales support by a Sri Lankan company .
  • Many satisfied customers island wide and overseas.This product is now exported overseas
  • Energy Saving by turning the appliances ON and OFF at pre-defined intervals. No rocket science. Saving is straightforward.
  • Built in Surge Protection for your connected appliance.
  • Built in Start-up Delay circuit gives protection for your Fridge / Freezer against power flicker.
  • Built in Power Sensor with OPPT (Optimal Power Point tracking) Technology.
  • Power Switching is triggered through a Power Sensor circuit, giving more protection to your compressor.


Buying Options (Retail Price Rs. 4,200) 1yr warranty




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