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It takes years of experience, hard work, commitment and above all a passion for the work. We are a team of Qualified Professionals with diverse Engineering skills dedicated to the task. We are always riding the tech evolution and getting the best into our products. That is why you can place your trust on us..

Bravo IoT products are coming soon

Power Savers

Power Guards

Surge Protectors

Router Backups

Emergency Lights

Engine Protectors

Energy Meters

Digital Timers

Our Journey

We started as a Web Development and IT Solutions provider in 2000. Now we have transitioned into a leading Electronic Product Manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Some of our products are Patented and some others have obtained the highest international standards. In 2024 we are moving into products in IoT space.

We have a diverse team of Design Engineers and Senior Advisors who bring in not only years of experience but also a skills set from many Engineering disciplines.  For higher end design verification and maintaining standards, we are partnered with Comnet Labs, Sweden.  This is well reflected in our products.

All our products are sold through our own fully e-commerce enabled online platforms and some are sold through the most reputed retail outlets of Sri Lanka. We have quit price competitions long ago and are very much in quality competition. The sales network expands and new products are released all the time, so stay tuned. 

Highlighted Products

to make your life easier and faster!

KilerWATT Power Saver

KillerWATT Power Savers

Reduce your Electricity bill by saving Power on Fridge, Freezer and Air-Conditioner

CleanPOWER surge protectors

Protect your valuable Electrical Appliances from Lightning Strikes.

Digital PowerGUARD

DigiGUARD Digital Power Guards

Protect your valuable Electrical Appliances from AC Supply line Voltage issues and sudden Power cuts.

Bravo Timers

Turn OFF your Electrical Appliances at unwanted times and reduce Power wastage.


Bravo Emergency Gear

Bring in the Light whenever it is needed. Li-Ion based Emergency lights up-to 12hrs.

Medical Products

Bravo Products for the medical professionals

PowerTANK Router Backups

Stay connected to the Internet Un-interrupted during Power Failures and Lightning.


EnergyVIEW Energy Meters

Measure the Energy Consumption of all your appliances and take Power Saving decisions wisely.

Thermoguard - Engine Vehicle overheat protection Alarm System

Bravo ThermoGUARD

Identify your vehicle Engine's abnormal behavior early and take preventive measures.

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We have many Buying Options for you!

With Today’s Busy lifestyles, Online purchasing and Cash-On-Delivery is becoming more popular. We got you covered with Secure Online Ordering and COD.

You can pay online and order any of our products using major Credit/Debit cards using our secure payment gateway. If you wish to pay cash on delivery, we have the ‘Cash-on-Delivery’ option that you can select during the checkout process. 

Selected products are sold through Major Retail Networks of Sri Lanka. You can walk into their stores and buy using Cash/Card.

For packaging our products we use corrugated boxes and never use plastic bags  and non-disposable materials . For inside padding we use newly recycled paper.

Please note that we do not support “Local Pickup” buying option. That is, we do not directly sell at our factory premises.  

Ordering Process

Our Engineering Team

You couldn't get in better hands

Evald Koitsalu

Senior Analog Electronics Adviser

  • CEO and Founder of Comnet Systems Labs, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Senior Radio Technology Specialist
  • Design Consultant for Europe’s leading Telecom companies
  • Design Team Trainer and Critical Design Reviewer for leading European Electronic manufacturers.
  • Carries 45+ years of valuable experience in Industrial Electronics, Medical Electronics and RF Electronics.

Prof. K K Y W Perera

Senior Digital Electronics Adviser

  • Senior Emeritus Professor in Electronics
  • B.Sc.(Cey), M.Sc.(Birm.), PhD.(Br.Col.), CEng., FIEE (Lond.), FIE (SL), Fellow, National Academic of Sciences
  • 50+ years of Academic and Industrial experience
  • Senior consultant for many government entities
  • Renewable Energy and Power Management

Prof. Asantha Cooray

Senior Adviser in Advanced Physics

  • BS (MIT), MS (MIT), MS (U of Chicago), PhD (U of Chicago)
  • Professor of Physics – Dept. of Physics & Astronomy University of California, Irvine, California, USA.
  • Visiting Faculty Associate in Physics California Institute of Technology
  • Research Scientist Associated with NASA and many other prestigious US institutions.
  • Expert on Radio Communications,Space Science and Electronics.

Kamal Edirisinghe


  • B.Sc. Eng. (Hons.) in Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering from University of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. CCNA, CCDP, AACS
  • Embeded Software Design for real time applications.
  • Radio Frequency design in High Frequency and Microwaves.
  • IP Networking, Wireless networks
  • Satellite Communications, GPS Navigation
  • Sensor based Automation
  • Renewable and Alternative Energy designs
  • 30+ years experience in Electronic systems.

Contact Us

You can contact us through Phone or Email for any support or product inquiry.  All relevant information regarding our product availability, their technical features along with operational and troubleshooting videos are included in this web site. Please refer to them before calling us. 

Please note that we do not provide support through SMS or Social Media platforms.

Office Hours : Mon – Fri (9AM -5PM) Strictly. Calls are muted using automatic call blocking software at other times. We are also closed during government declared holidays .

Headquarters and factory premises

82B, Walaliyadda
Ellakkala, 11116
Sri Lanka


+94 770884303
+94 717804303
[email protected]

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  1. This is my second DigiGUARD Goldline. I am using Bravo products for more than 8 years now and my first product Killer Watt is still working. Company dispatches the products quickly and I bought it to be paid on receipt basis. Pre purchase customer care is good.

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  2. Life Saver. We are using this in all our CCTV installations. Never by SPDs from Pettah again. Bravo Solutions , you should give better discounts for frequent buyers.

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  3. මෙය මිලදීගෙන වසර දෙකකටත් වැඩියි.. තවමත් පැය අටක පමණ බැකප් කාලයක් රඳවා ගත හැකියි. The imported products bought by my colleagues get malfunctioned in 6 – 12 months. Bravo solutions, your quality and value for money is really good.

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