bravo product selection guide

Let us help you to select the best product for your requirement

If you are not sure what product to buy, then you are at the correct place. This page is intended to give you knowledge in addition to recommending a Product for you. If you still have any doubt, please contact us.

lightning protection for home

Our latest product Bravo HomeGUARD can protect your entire house from lightning strikes. This product has obtained the highest international stanadard IEC 61643 and approved by ACCIMT.

TV/hifi setup/dvd player

The electronics inside these appliances can get damaged due to Lightning and High Voltages easily. Therefore the recommended product for protection is CleanPOWER Mini or CleanPower TRIO with triple outputs. If you are in an area experiencing sudden and fractional power cuts, then consider buying DigiGUARD GoldLine which also has Power Guard with startup delay in addition to full surge-protection.

inverter Airconditioner

Inverter model Air-Conditioners have a sophisticated High Power Electronics control board. This should be protected against lightning. We recommend CleanPOWER QRO which is our high power Surge Protector.

non inverter AC

Non inverter Air-conditioner should be protected against, Power line issues like Low/High voltages and sudden and fractional power cuts. We recommend DigiGUARD QRO, our high power Digital Power Guard.

4G / fiber / adsl router

We have different power backup solutions to keep you connected to the internet during power cuts and lightning strikes. You can select from PowerTANK Std, PowerTANK Max, PowerTANK Mega and PowerTANK GIGA models.

PowerTANK Mega and GIGA models also have additional features like Phone charging and Emergency light, battery level indicator etc..

Laptop backup

Our PowerTANK GIGA model has a cigarette lighter adapter that is found in vehicles. If your laptop supports "USB-C charging", then you can use a car charger with PowerTANK GIGA and charge your Laptop/iPad/TAB

measure the consumption

To measure power consumption of your electrical appliances, we have energy meters. EnergyVIEW pro 5A can measure upto 2000W. EnergyVIEW QRO can measure high power devices upto 5000W like AC, Dish washer, Full Auto Wasing Machine etc...

CCTV System

This includes Cameras (IP or Analog), DVR, UPS and local TV monitor. The whole system can be protected by CleanPower TRIO with triple outputs or CleanPOWER Mini. If the Cameras are distributed and the power is fed at remote locations, then each location should have a separate CleanPower unit.

If you are looking for a backup solution for CCTV system, then you can select PowerTANK products. DVR or NVR can be powered by our higher capacity model PowerTANK GIGA. Cameras can be powered by PowerTANK Max model. In any case , the DVR and the cameras should operate from 12V DC.

inverter fridge / freezer

Inverter model of Fridge and Freezers have a sophisticated electronics control board. This should be protected against lightning. We recommend CleanPOWER Mini. If you are in an area experiencing sudden and fractional power cuts, then consider buying DigiGUARD GoldLine which has Power Guard with startup delay.

non inverter fridge

Non inverter fridge and Freezer should be protected against Power Line fluctuations and Sudden Power cuts. We recommend DigiGUARD 5A. If you are having heavy lightning strikes, DigiGAURD Goldline with built-in Surge Protector is recommended. For Power Saving from the Non-Inverter Fridge/Freezer, we recommend KillerWATT Std our Patented Power Saver. If you need Power Saving and protection at the same time, we recommend KillerWATT Pro 13A which has a built-in Digital Power Guard


Treadmill consists of a High Power DC motor and a electronic circuit that controls it. For weight category of 100kg and below, we recommend DigiGUARD 5A. For Higher weight categories we recommend DigiGUARD QRO.

washing machine

For Inverter model washing machines, you can use CleanPower product range. For non-inverter models, you can use DigiGUARD product range. If your fully automatic washing machine has hot water washing and hot air drying, then use our high power products with a 'QRO' at the end of the product name (i.e. CleanPOWER QRO and DigiGUARD QRO).

You can buy all of the above products directly from us through Online purchasing or COD service. Some of our products can be purchased from our dealer networks mentioned in the respective product pages.