Bravo Emergency Gear

Let there be light always


Bravo Solutions with years of experience into Li-Ion storage enters into Emergency products space.  We are happy to introduce Rechargeable Emergency lights that can emit super bright illumination for up-to 12 hours with a single charge. This is useful for work from home applications, students doing online studies and also for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our latest addition to this product line is ‘LP-Safe’ LP gas leak detector that can detect any gas leak in domestic and industrial environments before it gets in to dangerous levels. 

Bravo Solutions Sri Lanka with decades of experience in Electronic product design, partnered with one of Europe’s pioneer design companies Comnet labs Sweden, now produces LP Gas leak detectors with the highest industrial grade quality. This product is not an internet copy using hobby components. It uses industrial grade sensors and thus maintains the highest accuracy

Product features

  1. Engineered to detect any LP gas leak before it becomes dangerous
  2. High sensitivity ‘Sniffing’ mode that detects very small leaks from the gas tank regulator or the gas stove
  3. Ability to easily detect any LP gas composition that is detected or undetected to human nose
  4. The internal battery backup of LP-Safe Plus can maintain power for 8 hours during a power failure
  5. Portable design
  6. High audible level alarm
  7. Industrial grade gas sensor
  8. large and visible LED display

Installation & Operation

This product should be installed or placed in the room/kitchen where the gas tank is located. But sufficiently away from the gas stove in order to prevent from getting excessive heat while cooking.  Detailed instructions are given in the user manual. Once calibrated properly, this can detect almost any gas leak of any composition. 


Everlight is designed as a portable emergency light. After charging, It can be taken to any place and operate after switching the lights ON manually. Wall charger is supplied (12V 1A Square type wall adapter).     


  • Super Bright Light that will give constant bright light for 6 hours or 12 hours with single LED depending on the model after a full charge. This light is enough for comfortable reading during a power cut. If more light is required, you can switch ON the second LED.
  • Manual switch OFF is available when light is not needed
  • Either Single Light ON or Both Lights ON can be selected depending on the requirement.
  • The battery Charge level is indicated using a Blue LED indicator (just like battery level indicator of a mobile phone)
  • Supplied 12V 2A Square type 3 pin wall adapter for charging.  The Everlight can be taken anywhere for portable lighting.
  • Li-Ion technology is used in the batteries inside. These batteries last longer than Lead-Acid or Nicd batteries used in cheaper emergency lamps. The Li-Ion batteries are protected by a sophisticated BMS circuitry so that you don’t have to worry about over charging or over-discharging of batteries,
  • The light is a spotless beam and spreads across 130 degrees.
  • Full battery protection is built in so that you can keep the light connected to mains supply without worries. But it is recommended to unplug the wall adapter and Everlight during very heavy lightning in order to safeguard against heavy lightning strikes.
  • This is a true “Sri Lankan Made” product backed by a 6 month warranty by Bravo Solutions. After warranty repairs and battery replacements are possible at affordable cost.


  • Working from Home, Online Studies…
  • Hospitals, Medical Centres, Labs
  • Homes, Kitchen, Bathrooms.
  • Warehouse, Reception areas, Security Checkpoints, corridoors.
  • Super Markets, Pharmacies, Food/Veg Stalls.
  • As an emergency light in your vehicle and a Outdoor Activity gear (Camping, Fishing, Outdoor BBQ etc..)