CleanPower QRO

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Surge Protector for High Power Applications


  • Power Handling 3500W (15A), 230V 50Hz.
  • Compliance Certified to IEC 61643 international standard.
  • 200 Joules Higher Surge Absorption @ 8/20μS ~ 13,000A Max
  • Dual Fuse and Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Dual Stage High Performance Protection Circuitry
  • LED status indication. Designed to comply with EU and CE standards.
  • Single High Quality 13A plug base with indicator light.
  • One Year Product Warranty for this product and after sales support. Warranty also covers lightning damages.
  • High Quality Sri Lankan Engineered Product.

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Bravo Solutions in collaboration with Comnet Labs in Sweden has designed a superior quality Surge protector that was not available in Sri Lankan market for an affordable price thus far. Bravo CleanPower Surge protectors are designed and manufactured to European quality standards using the highest quality electronic components. We also embed decades of scientific research on the behavioral patterns of lightening into our Surge Protector Design. Our Engineering knowledge is also equally implemented.

All our Surge Protectors are based on ‘Series Protection’ technology ensuring the highest level of protection than ‘parallel protection’ SPDs in the market.

Furthermore, CleanPower Surge protectors are Dual Stage. That means the surge is absorbed at two different stages ensuring higher protection.

CleanPower is also Reverse Polarity Protected. That means there are two identical SPD paths for Nutral and Live circuits. Most direct to Din- Rail type protectors do not have this feature.


Additional information

Weight .6 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 7 cm

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  1. keerthi.rathnaweera (verified owner)

    මාගේ නිවස පිහිටා තිබෙන්නේ වෑල්ඩින් වැඩපොළක් අසල සහ තදබල ලෙස අකුණු සැර පතිත වන ප්‍රදේශයකයි.මෙම හේතුන් නිසා විටින් විට මාගේ නිවසේ විදුලි උපකරණ නිරන්තරයෙන් හානි වීමට හානිවීමට ලක් විය.මෙම උපකරණය ගැන එතරම් විශ්වාසයක් නොමැති වුවත් මෙය මගේ නිවසේ විදුලි බල පද්ධතියට යොදාගැනීමට අදහස් කලේ වෙන විකල්පයක් නොමැති වූ නිසයි.විදුලි කාර්මිකයා ලවා මම මෙම cleanpower QRO උපකරණය සවි කර ගත්තේ නිවසේ ප්‍රධාන විදුලි බෙදා හැරීම් පුවරුවේ ප්‍රධාන ස්ව්චය හා ට්‍රිප් ස්විචයට පසුවයි.එය සවි කිරීමෙන් සතියක කාලයකට පසු විශාල අකුණු සැරයකට ලක්වුවත් “Clean power QRO උපකරණයේ fuse පිලිස්සී ගියා මිස නිවස ඇතුළට අකුනු සැරය ඇතුල් වී නොතිබිණි.රුපි.20 ක වියදමින් fuse එකක් මාරු කරගත් පසු සාමාන්‍ය පරිදි නැවතත් හොදින් උපකරණය ක්‍රියාත්මක වෙමින් පවතී .මාගේ අත්දැකීමෙන්ම මෙහි ගුණාත්මක තාවය පරික්ෂා කොට ඇති නිසා මෙය ඉතා හොඳ උපකරණයක් බව මම බිය නැතුව නිර්දේශ කරමි.
    …කීර්ති රත්නවීර (077-5710045)

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  2. Keerthi Rathnaweera (verified owner)

    My house is located next to a welding workshop and in an area with strong lightning strikes. Due to these reasons, the electrical equipment in my house was constantly damaged from time to time. Although I am not very sure about this equipment, I intended to use this as an alternative to my house’s power system. I had the electrician install this cleanpower QRO device after the main switch and trip switch of the main power distribution board of the house. A week after installing it, it was hit by a large lightning strike, but the fuse of the clean power QRO device burned, but lightning inside the house. The rod was not inserted. After replacing a fuse at a cost of Rs.20, the device is working well again as usual. I have checked the quality of this device from my own experience, so I recommend it without fear that this is a very good device.
    …Keerthi Ratnaweera (077-5710045)

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  3. Mahinda Abeyawardhane (verified owner)

    Bought clean power QRO recently by online purchase pay on delivery option. very quick and reliable service.
    using clean power 5A product for more than 3 years and highly satisfied with Bravo Solution products

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