KitchenMate Plugin – Programmable Timer with Alarm



  • White ABS Enclosure
  • Power consumption less than 2W
  • Audible Alarm
  • OverLoad Protection
  • Memory retention even during power cuts (no batteries required)
  • Digital Multi-function LCD display. Easy to operate.
  • Direct Plugin to 13A wall outlet
  • 1 Year  Warranty and after sales support
  • Preferred by Many fast food restaurant chains in Sri Lanka.

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Bravo Solutions is at the forefront of delivering exceptional Programmable Timers, as exemplified by the KitchenMate. Meticulously designed to redefine accuracy and durability in the culinary realm, these timers integrate precision mechanisms and cutting-edge digital technology. Beyond the kitchen, they prove indispensable in various scenarios where precise timing decisions are imperative.

Crafted with a commitment to quality, Bravo Solutions’ timers feature robust ABS plastic construction. This ensures resilience in busy kitchen or restaurant environments, offering impact resistance and water resistance to shield against accidental drops and spills. The focus on longevity is evident in extended battery life and meticulous build quality, combining to create a durable timing solution that stands up to the demands of diverse applications.

User satisfaction is paramount, and customer reviews consistently highlight the reliability, accuracy, and enduring performance of Bravo Solutions’ timers. To further instill confidence, the company provides a warranty period and responsive customer support, underscoring their dedication to delivering a superior and enduring timing solution for kitchen enthusiasts and beyond.

KitchenMate, with its versatile functionality, transcends its kitchen-centric origins. It proves invaluable in scenarios demanding precise timing decisions, catering to a broader spectrum of needs. For the latest and most detailed information, interested visitors are encouraged to explore the official Bravo Solutions website – the definitive source for top-tier timing solutions designed to elevate your experiences in various domains.

KitchenMate is not limited to applications in the kitchen, but it is also useful in scenarios like below where making timing decisions are very important

  1. Ironing Clothes:
    • Set a timer to keep track of the ironing process. This ensures that you don’t leave the iron on for too long, preventing potential damage to the fabric or the iron itself.
    • The audible alert will notify you when it’s time to move on to the next garment, promoting an efficient and organized ironing session.
  2. Filling a Bathtub:
    • Use KitchenMate as a timer when filling a bathtub to prevent overflow. Set the timer to the desired duration, and the audible alarm will signal when it’s time to turn off the water.
    • This feature helps you save water and energy by avoiding overfilling, providing a convenient solution for a relaxing bath.
  3. Brewing Tea or Coffee:
    • Use KitchenMate to time the steeping process when brewing tea or coffee. Different beverages require specific steeping times for optimal flavor, and KitchenMate ensures precision.
    • The audible alert reminds you to remove the tea bag or coffee grounds, preventing over-steeping and bitterness.
  4. Exercise and Stretching Sessions:
    • Time your exercise or stretching routines with KitchenMate. Set intervals for different exercises or stretches to maintain a well-paced and effective workout.
    • The timer’s portability allows you to take it to different areas of your home, adapting to your exercise routine wherever you go.
  5. Kids’ Time Management:
    • Teach kids about time management by using KitchenMate for activities like homework, playtime, or screen time.
    • The timer’s simplicity makes it a useful tool for instilling discipline and routine in children, fostering good time management habits.
  6. Watering Plants:
    • Use KitchenMate to remind you to move the hose or turn off the sprinkler while watering plants. This ensures that each area of the garden receives the appropriate amount of water without waste.
    • The timer’s compact design makes it easy to carry while attending to outdoor tasks.
  7. DIY Crafts and Hobbies:
    • Set precise timers for different stages of DIY projects or hobbies, such as drying times for paint or glue.
    • The audible alert signals when it’s time to proceed to the next step, contributing to the success and quality of your creative endeavors.

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