Bravo ThermoGUARD - Engine Overheat Protection

Real time engine overheat monitoring and alarm system


Many vehicles have thermal sensors installed into the engine block to indicate the engine temperature. But due to ageing or malfunction these indicators may not  be functioning properly. Bravo  thermoguard is a real time temperature monitoring and alarm system that can be installed easily to monitor and display the engine temperature and give alarms during a sudden or rapid temperature rise. This unit is more reliable for this task since the real-time temperature is displayed at all times. Once the driver gets used to the indication and the pattern, nothing can go wrong ever.

This Sri Lankan engineered product comes with a very high precision industrial grade sensor that can be easily attached to the engine block. user manual contains all the installation instructions.

thermoguard introduction (Sinhala)

The sensor unit has to be connected to the engine block. There are many vacant slots in most engines.

The display unit should be atatched to the dash board clearly visible to the driver. This unit can be powered by 12V using cigattete lighter socket or ideally should be connected to the ACC power line


The above pictures are from our original design. The new design with white ABS enclosure is installed in the same way.