CleanPower TRIO - Mid Power Surge Protector with Triple Outputs
CleanPower TRIO - Mid Power Surge Protector with Triple Outputs
CleanPower TRIO - Mid Power Surge Protector with Triple Outputs
CleanPower TRIO - Mid Power Surge Protector with Triple Outputs

CleanPower TRIO – Surge Protector with Triple Outputs

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or 3 X රු2,116.67 with Koko

Surge Protector for Low/Mid Power Applications with Triple Outputs


  • Power Handling 1200W, 230V 50Hz.
  • Ideal for TV, CCTV, Laptop, PC, HiFi, Surround Sound, Printer, Fax etc..
  • Compliance Certified to IEC 61643 international standard.
  • 200 Joules Higher Surge Absorption @ 8/20μS ~ 13,000A Max
  • Dual Fuse and Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Dual Stage High Performance Protection Circuitry
  • LED status indication. Designed to comply with EU and CE standards.
  • Triple(3) Sockets for 3 simultaneous appliance protection.
  • Can be used as Power Extension cord. Comes with a 1.2m Power cord.
  • One Year Product Warranty and after sales support. Warranty also covers lightning damages.
  • High Quality Sri Lankan Engineered Product.
  • Trusted by leading telecom companies.

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Fortify Your Devices: CleanPOWER Trio Surge Protector Delivers Unrivaled Protection

Introducing the CleanPOWER Trio Surge Protector or the Protected Power Strip , the pinnacle of defense against the unpredictable nature of electrical surges and voltage fluctuations. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative technology, this powerhouse device stands as your ultimate safeguard for electronic essentials. Capable of fortifying up to three devices simultaneously, CleanPOWER Trio guarantees the uninterrupted operation of your most crucial gadgets, all while offering unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Versatile in its functionality, it can also serve as a Surge Protected Power Strip, enhancing its utility and value for everyday use.

Meticulously engineered for the modern lifestyle, the CleanPOWER Trio Surge Protector offers unparalleled portability without compromising on protection. Whether you find yourself at home, in the bustling office environment, or embarking on your next adventure, this innovative device remains your steadfast solution. Boasting a robust power handling capacity of 1200W, it stands poised to safeguard your valuable gadgets from the perils of harmful power spikes, providing peace of mind wherever you are. Its sleek and lightweight design epitomizes convenience, making it an indispensable travel companion that ensures your devices remain shielded from potential damage, regardless of the journey’s destination or duration.

Distinguishing itself from the competition, CleanPOWER Trio boasts an array of integrated 13A power sockets, elevating its functionality to unprecedented levels. This feature-rich design provides users with a multitude of connectivity options, accommodating a diverse range of devices with ease. Whether you’re charging your smartphone, powering your laptop, or simultaneously operating multiple electronics, CleanPOWER Trio’s built-in sockets deliver unparalleled convenience and flexibility. This seamless integration of versatile connectivity options ensures that all your electronic needs are met effortlessly, setting CleanPOWER Trio apart as the premier choice for comprehensive surge protection and power distribution.

Rest assured knowing that CleanPOWER Trio is meticulously engineered and rigorously tested to meet the stringent standards set forth by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 61643. This prestigious certification guarantees that CleanPOWER Trio offers robust and dependable surge protection, giving you peace of mind and confidence in the safety of your devices.

Engineered with precision to withstand transient voltage spikes and electrical surges, CleanPOWER Trio stands as a stalwart guardian, ensuring the uninterrupted operation and longevity of your electronic devices. Its advanced surge protection mechanisms offer unparalleled defense, shielding your gadgets from potential damage caused by sudden power fluctuations. Plus, its intuitive design and compact form factor enhance usability, allowing for effortless placement and operation in any environment.

Backed by the esteemed Arthur C. Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies, CleanPOWER Trio solidifies its reputation as a reliable and effective surge protection solution. This prestigious endorsement underscores the reliability and efficacy of CleanPOWER Trio, making it the preferred choice for those seeking superior surge protection.

In conclusion, CleanPOWER Trio offers portable surge protection with unbeatable performance and convenience. With its ability to protect three devices simultaneously, integrated power socket, and IEC 61643 certification, it provides versatile connectivity options and reliable surge protection wherever you go. Invest in CleanPOWER Trio today and safeguard your electronic devices with confidence.

CleanPower TRIO - Mid Power Surge Protector with Triple Outputs
CleanPower TRIO – Mid Power Surge Protector with Triple Outputs

How to Change the fuse of CleanPOWER Trio


Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7.5 × 7 cm

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  1. Amal Indika (verified owner)

    I am living in Middle East and have experienced these types of products and, Bravo items are good quality and durable.

    (0) (0)
  2. Nalin (verified owner)

    This was very useful. Thank you

    (0) (0)
  3. Sugath Thilakarathna

    Must have protector for every house. I have two. Reasonably priced unlike very expensive imported products in the market (which are even not IEC certified)

    (0) (0)
  4. Asantha Dahanayaka

    මේක නිසා මගේ 55″ TV එක නූලෙන් බේරුනා. අනිත් උපකරණ on the spot .

    (0) (0)
  5. Chinthaka K. (verified owner)

    Killerwatt not yet upto the mark

    (0) (0)
    • admin@bravoshop (store manager)

      Please contact our tech support if you have any issues

  6. Eran Diasena (verified owner)

    I hope this equipment is very useful.

    (0) (0)
  7. Harsha W. (verified owner)

    Product is robust and well designed. Good value for money. I won’t take a chance with my TV, Hi-Fi & router. Had no lightning after I bought this, but have a good faith this will work as described.

    (4) (1)
  8. Feisal Jain (verified owner)

    Quality Product. Prompt Delivery. Would be better if could be ugraded with 1/2 USB Port, in the future.

    (1) (0)
  9. S K Tharushi

    මෙයින් උපකරණ 20කට ආසන්නව මගේ ආයතනයේ සවිකර ඇත. දැනට මාස 6ක් පමණ සිට කිසිම අකුණු ප්‍රශ්නයක් නැත. මෙහි output 4ක් පමණ ආවනම් වඩා හොඳයි ඔබගේ අධිබල අකුණු ආරක්ෂණ උපකරණය නිකුත් කරන විට දන්වා සිටින්න.

    (0) (0)
  10. Mithila Alwis

    මා CCTV පද්ධති ස්ථාපනය කිරීමේ ව්‍යාපාරයක නියුතු වෙමි. CleanPOWER අකුණු ආරක්ෂණ පද්ධති නිසා මගේ customers ලා බොහොමයකගේ CCTV කැමරා DVR උපාංග මේ වනවිට අකුණු වලින් බේරාගැනීමට හැකිවී තිබේ. මීට වඩා මිල දෙගුණයක් තෙගුණයක් වන ආනයනකික සර්ජ් ප්රෝටෙක්ටර් වෙනුවෙන් ඔබගේ මුදල් නාස්ති කර නොහන්න.

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